Monday, February 22, 2010

Second chances and heroic comebacks.

I am drawing heavily from the Olympic Games for inspiration, watching carefully for stories of second chances and heroic comebacks. Fortunately for me, there are plenty!

But the Games have also taught me that second chances and heroic comebacks are hard won. By carefully listening and watching the athletes of snow and ice, I've reconnected to The Rules.

* Work hard every day. No. Harder.
* Let your mistakes be lessons.
* Fear nothing.
* Believe.
* Pull out the stops.
* Rip down the limits.
* Play full out.
* Finish with nothing left.
* Keep your team close.
* Remain humble and gracious as you grind your opponents into the tundra. The press will think you're adorable.

Even though Florida is a long, long way from Vancouver, I'm drawing energy from the winter people.

And speaking of winter people, here is a photo of my coach Jim Wharton in Central Park last week. I think he's training for the Alpine Super-G Back Stroke. Looking good! Go, Jim, GO! Strong finish!

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