Thursday, February 18, 2010


“Into every life a little rain must fall.”

Rain fell into my life this week, but it wasn’t “a little.” It was a deluge so overwhelming that it required an ark for survival. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the memo that I would need an ark. I didn’t have time to get out my hammer.

Life is forever changed. I am a runner, so instead of dealing with catastrophe by doing things that will surely land me in the Betty Ford Center, I’ve decided to try to “run it off.”

We all know that there are situations in life that no amount of running can fix, but we also know that a few miles on the trail can knock the jagged edges off sorrow … even if only for a few minutes. And those few minutes might be the beginning of healing. Maybe.

The problem is that I run in the morning before work. There’s an irony here. Running reduces stress. But I’m not stressed before dawn. I’m asleep. This is the only time I’m NOT stressed. The minute I awaken, I'm plunged back into the reality of here and now.

This cycle is a Catch-22 I need to resolve if I am to have any expectations at all. I’ll give it thought while I run this week.

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