Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jim checks on my sanity.

Jim Wharton called last night to talk about the "shoe incident." (I mentioned it to you in the posting on February 10 -- "A gift from Jim Wharton!") I thought it was over. I was wrong.

Jim: Hey, girl. Jim here. Just checking on you. Running going better?

Bev: Hi, Jim! Better. That DVD about Fred turned everything around. Again, thank you so much for the surprise. It arrived when I needed it most. You just sensed that my running was in trouble, didn’t you?

Jim: Uh, Bev, you FedEx’ed a hacked up running shoe and a half a Snickers bar to the clinic in New York.

Bev: Funny, right?

Jim: Yeah, it was pretty funny, but I’ve been bothered by the single shoe. Why only one shoe?

Bev: It wasn’t necessary to hack them both up. The other one got the point.

Jim: Bev? Did you make the other shoe … watch?

Bev: Now, that’s just plain crazy.

Jim: Yeah. Yeah, it is. Well, did you???

The conversation went on for a few minutes until I couldn't stop laughing and Jim had assured himself that his runner was (mostly) sane. Good thing Jim Wharton is an expert in the behavior of athletes, is quick to recognize the subtle signs of stress in training, and knows how to handle them. A lesser man would be filing a restraining order.

[The photos are of Jim Wharton and The Psycho Shoe at the Wharton Performance Center in New York. I love the look on his face! And for the record, the other shoe is fine.]

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