Friday, January 29, 2010

Thinking about Phil Wharton ...

I found this photo of Phil Wharton surrounded by ahtletes who have just completed one of his famous workouts. I think it speaks for itself. When the man works you out, you're worked out! HA! I'm sure he'll check in with us this week to let us know which workshop this was and to reassure us that he didn't wipe out an entire tennis team. (You didn't, did you, Phil???)

I write a lot about Phil Wharton, and you'll notice correspondence and conversations with him throughout this blog. He is the "son" part of the father and son team of Wharton Performance in New York City. Jim is the father. For nearly 25 years, these two have been preparing and repairing athletes and dancers on the highest level. Their client list is "Who's Who" in sports and on Broadway stages. Filled with energy, driven, and sweet-spirited, Phil is devoted to maximizing human performance physically and mentally.

Oh, yeah. And he and Jim are helping ME train. As I said ... "highest level." (Insert gagging sound here.)

I visit Phil's Web site from time to time ... and I also dog the live webcam sites on line for Flagstaff, Arizona, where Phil lives now to take his athletes through high altitude training. Right now I'm seeing a lot of snow, which fills my Floridian soul with pity for the boy.

His Web site is

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