Sunday, January 24, 2010

Phil lets Bev off the iPod hook.

Hi, Phil.

Confession time. I ran with my iPod today and am eaten up
with guilt over behavior unbecoming a marathon runner who aspires to
be Kenyan in her training. What are your thoughts on using an iPod instead of concentrating on the workout? Am I going to burn in hell?

One More Time, Bev

Hey, Bev,

Thanks for coming clean, but guilt be gone! Ten years ago at the World Design Summit, a question was asked: What was the greatest breakthrough in technology for training, health, and fitness of the previous decade? Yes, you guessed it. The Sony Walkman. Now, of course, a decade later we have the iPod. It’s digital and super light and has tons of memory. The key idea is that people are now able to train longer (if they are prone to boredom) and therefore getting fitter. Also, there are studies that demonstrate that music helps to rev up energy and can mask or override minor discomfort. And sometimes people plugged into iPods are listening to personal coaching. Apps for fitness are growing exponentially. You’re possibly the first person to use David Sedaris as a fitness app, but the world is full of “firsts.” So keep up the good work. Repent no more. Jam on!

Enjoy Your Workouts!


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