Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Phil Wharton reveals a Kenyan secret!

Hey, Bev,

You asked me to share a Kenyan running secret from the time I lived and trained with them in Italy and Kenya. One secret that may be helpful to you is this: “Move with the sun.” The Kenyan runners go to bed with and rise with the sun. They know that to stay injury-free, they must recover from workouts. Rest and regeneration are important keys to their success. Sometimes in a running program, rest is even more important than the actual training.

So be like the Kenyans. Sleep your way to stardom!

Great Job! – Phil

Note from Bev: Training for the New York City Marathon is getting really tough. Running, eating in perfect balance, lifting at the gym, stretching … and now THIS? Do the demands of running like a Kenyan never end? No wonder they dominate the sport as best in the world ...

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