Monday, January 11, 2010

Application is in.

I applied for the marathon lottery to be held in mid-March. My entry number is over 500,000. This evidence suggests that more than half a million people have applied to the lottery ahead of me. This doesn’t include the runners for charity, the qualified runners, the disabled runners, the runners abroad who come through the travel agency, the members of NYRR, or the invited elites. And we still have more than THREE MONTHS for runners—American, international, and intergalactic—to get the bright idea that they would like to apply. I’m thinking this can’t be good. But this is the beauty of New York. Training begins with great patience and tenacity. New York gets you warmed up early. This is why marathon running is called an ENDURANCE sport.

The New York Road Runners have a countdown to the marathon on their home page. We have 299 days. Plenty of time.

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