Friday, January 15, 2010

Question to Phil Wharton about my running shoes

Dear Phil,
I’ve had this same pair of running shoes for a year. Like them. Do you think I can keep them a while longer? Please don’t ask the mileage on them. (If low mileage is the criterion for keeping the shoes, they are immortal. Rejoice!)

One More Time,

Hello, Bev,

Thanks for emailing me the "mugshot" of your kicks! Sorry to break it to ya this early in the game, but yes, they discontinued that model. Yes, I do like them. And yes, they still look like new. The dust and cobwebs came off nicely. Let's just take a moment to see if they’re ready to roll. Here are two quick tests for signs of life in your running shoes:

1. Run your hand through the inside of your shoe. Quick! Take it out! There might be a scorpion's nest in there. "Just kidding." Does the insole of the shoe feel smooth or does your hand disappear into a Florida sinkhole? If your shoe in fact has craters, you need to at least get a new insole or "footbed" that properly fits your foot and arch.

2. When you look at your shoe at its profile, are there any cracks in what the shoe designer would call the mid-sole? Shoes are made to be softer and more cushioned. However, the material to make this happen doesn't usually last as long. So even if you flip your shoe over and there's no visible wear on the tread of the outer sole of your shoe, your mid-sole may be totally shot.

Keep me posted! Remember, this is your moment!


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