Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm an insider.

Winter reappeared in Florida this morning. The temperatures plummeted while I was sleeping like the Kenyan I aspire to be. But that’s okay. I can’t be cold when my heart is so warmed by the New York Road Runners. They sent out an e-newsletter yesterday: the “Insider’s Guide.” Now, I’m not saying that they’re implying anything by sending an INSIDER’S Guide to Bev, who has applied for entry to the marathon through the lottery. But I’m can’t help but notice that it wasn’t aimed at OUTSIDERS. Had it been, I would be discouraged about ever being accepted again. But the fact that they’re treating me as one of them—an insider—gives me a glimmer of hope. Am I reaching here? Am I looking for signs of acceptance where there are none? Is this just the editorial staff of NYRR, reaching out to all runners everywhere in camaraderie and good will? Have I had a psychotic break?

Never mind. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I keep working diligently to refine my Kenyan-ness.

I move with the sun, Phil.

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