Friday, March 12, 2010

Marathon Runner’s Public Service Announcement

As you plan your weekend running, remember on Saturday night to set your clocks forward by one hour. We’re going into Daylight Savings Time. “Spring forward; fall back.”

Now, now. Think kindly upon this springtime, life-wrenching, schedule-shredding, sleep-disrupting, cranky-making inconvenience; it’s intended to save energy … just not yours.

So now our following the Kenyan runners’ practice of “move with the sun” will be messed up for a little while as we all adjust. We need to ask Phil Wharton for another Kenyan training secret in the short term.

As for Phil, he lives in Arizona, one of the two states that do not observe Daylight Savings Time. (Allow me to make you smarter than a fifth grader. The other is Hawaii.) Phil will be on schedule, moving with the sun, while the rest of us are still figuring it all out.

Pop Quiz

Question: Hey, runner, when do we turn the clock back again?

Answer: November 7. Yes! If it sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the date of the 2010 ING New York City Marathon. If you got this right, you get an A. If you pictured Bev in New York on the starting line on time that morning, you get an A+.

Group hug, even if you’re sweaty.

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