Sunday, March 7, 2010

Five pounds by Easter! Easy!

I was browsing magazines in a particularly slow checkout line at the grocery store yesterday. One of the covers tried to seduce me with a promising article on diet: “Lose five pound by Easter!”

Hey, that sounds good to me! I’ve had my eye on that same magazine for two weeks. But I think I’ll wait one more week before I buy it, read the article, and deploy their genius method for losing five pounds by Easter. Wouldn’t want to rush this. In fact, if I don’t buy it until the end of the month, I will STILL lose the five pounds. The magazine cover says so.

Seriously, I am appalled by how gullible we humans can be when we’re desperate.

And I’m even more appalled that I’m thinking that this magazine MIGHT have the solution to my weight problem. And that I can wait until even the day before Easter …

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