Sunday, March 14, 2010

Musings of a runner who didn't run today.

New York and the marathon lottery seem very far away tonight. Life here in Gainesville barged in again this week with its demanding, shrieking, clawing, clutching "GET OVER HERE, BEV!!! NOW, MISSY!!!"

Life is like this sometimes. So freaking inconsiderate.

Due to factors WA-A-AY out of my control, I didn't run today.

(I wonder if GUILT is aerobic?)

Say, Bev, you sound stressed, like you could use some healthy on-the-road decompression.
Ya think??? It's ironic. When I most need to run, I'm least able. If I could get out there and blow off some of this soul-sucking bad juju, I would be able to stop hyperventilating and start speaking in full sentences. Now, how great and runner-like would THAT be?

The coming week is going to be a bear cat. Without running shoes, it might even be fatal. All runners know I speak truth.

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