Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Phil is coming to Jax!

The One and Only Phil Wharton is coming off the mountain in Flagstaff and flying to Jacksonville, Florida to run in the elite field of the Gate River Run 15K next weekend!

You’ll be able to follow the race and get results through the Internet and the Florida Times-Union.

But here's something you will not find in the news services.

Phil is flying from Arizona to Jacksonville early to work at the end of this week in an inner-city children’s fitness program.

He’s a teacher. He’s a coach. He’s a prophet. When he stands up and speaks about fitness, his passion whips stagnant air into tornadoes. He can actually levitate the most stubborn, diehard sloth right off a couch. Before the poor schlub even realizes that he’s vertical, he’s canceled his sloth-subscription to TV Guide and is frothing at the mouth to exchange his remote control for a pair of running shoes. “Please! Anybody! Where’s the nearest Sports Authority???”

Everybody has fun when Phil’s around, but especially kids. They’re as crazy about Phil as he is about them. Phil and Jim Wharton donate a lot of their time to kids’ fitness programs, trying to ensure that the next generation will enjoy phenomenal health and fitness throughout their long lives.

If I can rearrange life on Planet Bev, I’m going to play hooky and sneak up to Jacksonville for an hour to watch Phil work his magic. Kids aren’t the only ones crazy about Phil.

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