Monday, July 19, 2010

Tonight's dinner guarantees FAST run tomorrow!

Tonight’s little taste of heaven was Petto di Pollo con Indivia Belga e Prugne: Chicken Breast with Belgian Endive and Prunes served with rice and a little crusty bread.

This recipe, as handed down for thousands of years and no doubt polished to high gloss in the test kitchens of La Cucina Italiana by a team of Italian Master Chefs, was perfection itself. Probably.

We'll never know. Bev had to play with it. The rice was beige. The chicken was beige. The cooked endive was beige. So as I plopped the deep purple prunes into the pan one-by-one, I became increasingly enchanted by contrast in color. They started looking pretty sassy to me. I liked their dark moxie. So I added more. Lots more. Without bothering to calculate Pruneage Per Portion (PPP).

Blythe and blatant disregard for the PPP might have been a mistake with apocalyptic consequences according to Michael, our medical professional.

He says that the prune thing is NOT an old wives’ tale and that very likely, being over-pruned will create an interesting challenge tomorrow.

I choose to believe the threat of [that which we dare not speak, for we are Southern] will only serve to motivate us to run faster and perhaps closer to home.

Uh oh. Deepest apologies in advance to Michael and whoever is on the operating table tomorrow … or standing in the operating room beside him … or sitting behind him ... or in his way in the hall …

or later this week! Look what I found! Powdered Gerbil at $42.99 a pound.
(I wonder if it’s a diuretic?)


  1. Don't eat those gerbils! They're all GREEN! They've obviously turned.

    Hey, I feel your pruney pain. But for me, it's fruit smoothies. Love'em. They don't love me.

    HAHHAHAHAHHAHAH!!! HA! pantpantwheezepantpantpant

    AAAAAAAAaaaaahhhhhh ...

    There. Bev feels better now. Thanks, crazy lady.

  3. I think someone just wheezed in your pants. Must be the prunes.

  4. THIS JUST IN --- MEDICAL UPDATE FROM MICHAEL BROWNING, PA-C: We might not have to wait until tomorrow for apocalyptic consequences of over-pruneage. Thanks, Bev. Nice work,"Goddess."

  5. DARLYN, YOU ARE OUTRAGEOUS!!! It's so nice to have someone who thinks this is as funny as I do. (Michael's sense of humor has far-reaching limits, but I think I might have exceeded them. WHOOPS!)

  6. While Michael is suffering the apocalyptic consequences of over-pruneage, tell him you've got something to make his tummy feel better. Then whip him up a fruit smoothie.

  7. Darlyn - you must be trying to kill him! Oh Bev - you just made me realize the difference between a Southern lady and a Cajun woman (feel a blog.) Jessica and I had this discussion on Sunday. We don't discuss that little eruption at all, much less at the table; Cajun woman do. This after sitting next to a woman at a function (no punn intended) who let everyone know (several times) that she wasn't eating the white beans. She had them for lunch and she would have gas until the next day and we would all know it. So you want to know at what point my eyes started rolling?

  8. HHAHAHHAHH!!! I am technically now a Southern runner, so this discussion will NEVER take place in Gainesville! Even Michael, overtly medical, uses oblique terminology and veiled references. If I come to the Bayou, I'll be on alert for forbidden topics.

  9. I like your dark moxie.

    I am southern, so I can comment no further.