Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Anniversary Blog

I realize that it’s bizarre to blog on the evening of one’s anniversary, but the simple truth is that I have discovered the Holy Grail of recipes and it would be morally wrong for me to keep this to myself.

This will only take a sec.

Besides, Michael is occupied in making lists of ways to worship me, gifts to buy me, vacation spots to take me, and ways to express his adoration. (I think I'm getting a pony!) It’s not me, really. After THIS meal, any cook's grateful partner would be making lists.

Tonight’s dinner did it. This was a meal so sublime that we should bronze the leftovers.

Maiale con Puré di Pere e Mirtilli
Pork Chops with Pear and Blueberries

Darlings, listen to Bev VERY carefully. Click the link, print this recipe, prepare this dish, and serve it to the person you love most in the world. Tonight.

This dish is so luscious, so sensuous, so smooth and sweet and soft and scrumptious that beyond Michael’s plate, more than three decades of time melted away from my side of the table. All the years that have engraved themselves into my face. All the tough stuff and sad stuff and stupid stuff of life.


For one hour, I was his bride again. I could see it in his eyes. I could hear it in his laugh.

Blueberries and pears in wine sauce on pork. That’s all it took.

Our dinner hours have been transcendent and magical. We laugh and share stories and make plans and love each other over plates of food. Who knew? Project La Cucina Italiana was supposed to be a gift from the first of the month through tonight, but after tonight I clearly understand that food is love in more ways that I could have known. There’s no stopping me now.

Besides, we haven’t tried sautéed gerbil yet …

Gotta go now. I have no idea how long "grateful" can last. (wink)

Tomorrow we run! (I said this was luscious. I didn’t say it was low cal.)


  1. You are now, officially, a Southern (Italian?) girl!...As my grandmamma always said, "If you want to tell someone you love them truly, cook them a wonderful meal." Of course, she was absolutely right, and I will be making this for the one I want this weekend, to be served immediately upon arrival at my house! Thanks again, Bev! And please say "hello, luv" to my "brother" from way-back, Michael, who definitely is the cutest boy I, or anyone, ever "laid eyes on." Sm-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ch! Happy Day-After Happy Anniversary to you both!

  2. It's always been said - the way to a man's (Southern man) heart is through his belly! He's hooked! Happy Annivesary! Love to you both.!

  3. Thanks, Loretta girl! I PROMISE that this meal is like the Sirens' Song. I served it with a little side salad thing, some roasted baby potatoes drizzled in olive oil and sprinkled with a few inconsequential herbs, a hunk of bread, and the leftover white wine. Who knew that two pork chops, three pears, and a handful of blueberries could change my life??? As I said, I'm now clutching a handwritten list of "Ways to Worship the Goddess." :-) By Monday, you will have joined the "Goddess Ranks." Let me know how it goes! Big smooch to you too.

  4. Thanks, Bayou Babe! This isn't TOO Stepford, is it? I'm still okay, right? HAHAHAHHAH!!!

  5. Oh, my goodness. When you mentioned this dish at the office I had no idea what a culinary delight it would turn out to be! While you are enjoying your dine-around tomorrow I will be sweating bullets over my stove trying to make this. (hmmm, now doesn't THAT sound appetizing, haha!) Thanks for sharing, Bev!