Sunday, July 11, 2010

La Cucina di Bev open for business

Project Cucina Italiana -- total success tonight. FINALLY. Michael actually came to the table willingly and without having to be dragged.

What did Runner Bev put on the table? Mozzerella cheese slices with tomatoes and basil drizzled with Italian dressing, a hunk of bread with bean spread, tiny roasted potatoes, and (drum roll please!) Galletti alla Diavola Affumicati con Frutti di Bosco (translation: spicy smoked chicken with berry sauce from heaven). Oh yah.

Recipe here.

I would hang around to discuss the entire experience and the antioxidantalism of a boatload of mashed berries, but you just gotta look at the pix. Michael really liked this dinner. Really. Liked. This. Dinner. Really.

The man looks unnaturally grateful. Gotta go. :-)


  1. Remember what I told you. If you make TCBITW too happy..........looks fantastic! I want to come to dinner!

  2. HAHHAHAH!!! I'm not confident enough to have guests yet. Especially a domestic goddess like you. But tomorrow I'll look into putting a rider on our liability insurance policy and have our lawyer invite you, brave Bayou Babe. But in all seriousness, I'm kinda proud of putting Galletti ala Diavola Affumicati con Fruitti di Bosco on the table ... and even MORE proud of spelling it! Life is LOOKING UP!!!