Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Trouble in the hood.

Yesterday, being Tuesday, was trash pickup day in my neighborhood. Since this is my third blog on the subject, I leave little doubt that this is an exciting time in Runner Bev's training schedule!

I LOVE running on Tuesdays when the recycling bins are out in the morning. As I slip by, I relish those quick glimpses into the secret lives of my seldom seen neighbors. I have always taken guilty pleasure from knowing who got a new laser printer and who is obsessed with both Cat Fancier magazine and Shotgun News (a collision of interests that ignites the imagination and could explain a few things around here).

It never occurred to blogger-blabbermouth Bev that a neighbor would ever discover my blog, let alone read it.


One neighbor found the blog. And now all the neighbors know that I eyeball their recycling bins and write about them. We had a Facebook discussion that went rather well, I thought, once I got over hyperventilating and throwing up on my keyboard. I went back and re-read what I had written over the past months. It was sweet-spirited and respectful. No one could have been alarmed. No one could have been anything but amused by my mild curiosity.

Wrong again.

I'm guessing that my photographing that one recycling bin took "mild curiosity" into stalker status.

Look what I found yesterday morning. Coincidence?


  1. What a tangled web we weave oh stalker Bev! :) And, I thought I was the only one who ever got into trouble!


    Are there 47 wine bottles behind that impenetrable fortress of cardboard???

    Seriously, I live among the greatest people in the world. And I'm SURE this was coincidence. It was. Wasn't it?

  3. And by the way, Donna, NO ONE (not even Bev) gets into as much trouble as you do. Trouble is the stuff of your blog! So glad you misbehave.

  4. I love it ! What a shame there is no "recycling" pick up here. The glass collectors would love my neighbor "Boogaloo"....they go through enough beer and liquor bottles on the weekend to fill up the garbage can...literally ! Sweet biggggggggg guy though !

  5. LOL!!! See? We ALL notice the bottles! It's so human! No matter how "above it all" we pretend to be, we peek! Now, why can't MY neighbors get over it??? And I'm going to bet they are now routing their Tuesday morning walks so they can pass by our recycling bin to see what evils go on here. (This ignites the imagination with possibilities! I FEEL A BLOG COMING ON!!!)

  6. Remind them that recycles and trash are public ;-) I learned that on Law and Order. You weren't stalking. You were writing and being creative. They should be proud to have an artist among them. Maybe you will inspire your "hood" to be creative themselves.

  7. Glad you mention the creative aspect, Jeff. I've just gone into overdrive. The Bin War is ON!!! Stay tuned.

    Not saying when. Not saying what. Just sayin'...

    (BIG GRIN)